School Attendance

FAQ's for Unclaimed Pupil Files

  1. What is an unclaimed pupil files?
    A pupil file is an ongoing official record of a student’s educational progress through the kindergarten-Grade 12 public school system in Manitoba. A pupil file includes the entire collection or repository of information and documentation compiled or obtained by the staff of a school or a school division relating to the education of the student whether it is stored in written, photographic, electronic or any other form and which is held in the school, school division or any other location that is under the jurisdiction of the school board. A pupil file is deemed “unclaimed” when a student had left the school and there has been no request for the student’s file for 3 months.
  2. What is the purpose of reporting unclaimed pupil files?
    As part of the School Attendance in Manitoba Report, schools requested that Manitoba Education and Training follow-up on unclaimed pupil files. Therefore, a process to identify an unclaimed pupil file and locate the student by searching the student MET number through EIS will determine if the student is registered in a Manitoba School.
  3. What is the process for searching for students with unclaimed pupil files?
    The unclaimed pupil files are logged in a data base and EIS is searched to ascertain in what school the student is registered. When a student is located in EIS the school in which the student is currently registered is contacted. It is the current school's responsibility to request the file. See Flow Chart for details.
  4. Do schools send the unclaimed pupil files to Manitoba Education?
    No, do not send unclaimed pupil files to Manitoba Education.
  5. What should schools do with unclaimed files for students who are over 18?
    If the unclaimed pupil file is for a student who will turn 18 in the current school year or is already 18 or older, the file should be archived according to your school division’s policy.
  6. How often does Manitoba Education and Training collect information on unclaimed pupil files?
    School divisions will receive notification in June of 2011 of the revised process to submit information on unclaimed pupil files to Manitoba Education and Training. The unclaimed pupil file information should be submitted in November of each year, beginning November 2011.
  7. If a school has information about where a student is currently registered, what should they do?
    If a school with an unclaimed pupil file has reason to believe a student is registered in another school they should contact that school and indicate that they have a pupil file for the student.