Assessment and Evaluation

Provincial Results – Provincial, National and International Assessments

Presented below are overall provincial results from provincial assessments and tests, and summaries of the latest results from national and international assessments that yield results specific to Manitoba. Additional analyses, including results disaggregated by certain population groups, can be found on the site High School Graduation Rates and Student Achievement Statistics.

Refer to Interpreting and Using Results from Provincial Tests and Assessments: A Support Document for Teachers, Administrators, and Consultants for guidelines for interpreting data from provincial assessments and tests.

When interpreting and applying student achievement data, it is important to do so in a manner consistent with the purpose of the assessment and with how it is designed and implemented. Manitoba provincial assessments each have distinct features, relative to their respective purposes, with significant implications for interpretation and use of data. In addition to the document referred to above, users should familiarize themselves with respective policy and support documents available for each assessment through the links provided on this page.

Provincial assessment programming falls into four categories:

An overview of provincial assessment programs and initiatives as well as general assessment information is available on the Assessment and Evaluation website.