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Middle Years Assessment

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Available: Jan. 23 to Mar. 3, 2023

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Grade 7 Mathematics and Student Engagement

Middle Years Assessment: Grade 7 Mathematics: Support Document for Teachers

Middle Years Assessment: Grade 7 Student Engagement: Support Document for Teachers

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You may view this video clip using Adobe Flash Player™ or download it using Windows Media Player™. This video clip provides research information on student engagement along with practical strategies for promoting engagement and explains how formative assessment practices encourage engagement. A PowerPoint version of the slides is also provided.

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Grade 8 Reading and Writing

Middle Years Assessment: Grade 8 English Language Arts: Reading Comprehension and Expository Writing: Support Document for Teachers

Support Document

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Provincial Results

Manitoba students in Grade 7 undergo classroom-based provincial assessments in numeracy competencies and in engagement with school, and in Grade 8 in competencies in reading and writing. Evaluation criteria, including the competencies, scoring scales, and indicators of achievement, are provided by Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning and are used by teachers when reporting achievement results for these assessments to parents and to the Department.