Alternate Format Services for Students with Print Disabilities

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The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP)

The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP), operated by the Province of Manitoba, provides opportunities for students to participate in temporary summer employment programs. Instructional Resources Unit (IRU) takes advantage of this program in order to ensure that the significant increase in the volume of work is managed during the peak summer months and to offer both blind and sighted students the opportunity to participate in meaningful employment experiences. The first requirement to be considered eligible for such an employment opportunity is that the student must complete a STEP application form at the Student and Youth Employment Services (945-3755). A cross match is then made between the skills that the student has to offer and the skill requirements identified. Contact Instructional Resources Unit regarding this program.

Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre

Classroom teachers, school librarians and blind or visually impaired students may request assistance in locating titles for supplementary reading from Alternate Format Services (AFS). Teachers and students may order specific titles through circulation or they may request suggested reading from the resource specialist who will compile a list of titles from both the AFS collection and other lending agencies. Specific titles not available may be considered for production in either braille or audiotape. Books may be borrowed during the summer months and other holidays as well as during the school year.

Student Project Support

Classroom teachers and blind and visually impaired students may request assistance in obtaining braille and audio materials for student research topics. By placing an order with the Alternate Format Services (AFS) resource specialist a variety of sources can be accessed and the material produced in the appropriate format for the student (e.g. braille, e-text). Orders for research material may be submitted by topic, or specific book titles can be requested. Diagrams and maps necessary for the research project may also be submitted for production. To ensure material is prepared on time, MPS requests that orders be submitted at least six weeks before the date required.