a hand holding gears Strategies to Enhance School Community, Family, and Community Partnerships

Consult on strategies to enhance school, community, family and community partnerships and engagement, and update the policy framework, building on the recommendations from the Manitoba Parent Engagement Task Force.

What's New

In Spring 2023, Manitoba Education and Early Learning and Childhood began drafting the policy framework to support school partnerships that will enhance parent engagement.

The Commitment

The Manitoba Government is committed to enhancing parent/caregiver and community engagement in schools. To achieve this goal, a Parent Engagement Task Force was established to explore and identify barriers to parent/caregiver engagement in schools and to bring forward recommendations. The School and Community Support Unit as established in fall 2022 will lead this work.

What This Means for Manitobans

The renewed policy framework to guide parent/caregiver and community engagement in schools will build shared understandings of how schools and school divisions can enhance and strengthen local parent/caregiver and community representation and engagement.

What We've Done

The department has begun initial research to identify evidence-based strategies to enhance parent/caregiver and community engagement to renew the School Partnerships A Guide for Parents, Schools and Communities (2005).

Next Steps

The department will consult with stakeholders in the 2023/24 school year to review and refine the draft of the updated policy framework.

Advisory Bodies: Parent Engagement Task Force

The Parent Engagement Task Force completed their work in engaging with stakeholders and providing recommendations on how to move forward on parent/caregiver engagement.