a hand holding gears Orientation and Development for School Board Members

Work with the Manitoba School Boards Association on essential and foundational orientation and development for school board members

What's New

The Manitoba School Board Association held a professional development day in March 2023 providing trustees with extended educational opportunities on themes related to:

  • Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada calls to action
  • trauma-informed practice for students dealing with Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • addressing difficult relationships
  • student voice in local governance
  • supporting youth and staff mental health
  • advancing accessibility
  • implementing social-emotional learning
  • nurturing community partnerships to support educational opportunities

The Commitment

The department is working with the Manitoba School Boards Association to support school board trustees. This work is also critical to build a common understanding of the relationship between Government and School Boards by building a shared understanding of shared priorities and objectives.

What This Means for Manitobans

Robust orientation and development resources and training for trustees will ensure a well functioning governance structure of school divisions and will ensure trustees are fully equipped to represent the interests on Manitoba students and families.

What We've Done

Following the fall 2022 elections of new school boards, the Manitoba School Boards Association held a professional development day to provide new and incumbent trustees with basic training regarding their mandate, as well as identifying the supports and services available to them.

Next Steps

  • The department and the Manitoba School Boards Association will work together to continue to identify opportunities for providing additional resources and supports to school trustees.