a hand holding gears Funding Model Review Team

Launch a Funding Model Review Team to lead consultations and design of the new funding model (how funds are distributed across the education system).

What's New

In October 2023, the department published a second What We Heard report summarizing feedback received in the June-July 2023 consultations with school divisions on the draft funding model.

The Commitment

The K to 12 Education Funding Model Review will recommend a new funding model to improve how provincial funding is allocated to school divisions.

What This Means for Manitobans

The new funding model will ensure funding is allocated to school divisions with a focus on student needs rather than on property values. This will help ensure all students get the resources they need to succeed, regardless of where they live, their background, or their individual circumstances.

What We’ve Done

  • In the spring of 2022, the project team engaged with more than 50 education partners and stakeholders, including Indigenous representatives, trustees, superintendents, secretary-treasurers, the Manitoba Association of Parent Councils, the Manitoba Teachers’ Society and all 37 school divisions. Many of these groups also have membership on the Education Funding Model Review Team, which is providing ongoing input.
  • In August 2022, the project team presented a draft framework for a new funding model to the Student Advisory Council, school divisions and all other stakeholders previously engaged. In December 2022, the project team again met with education partners and stakeholders to provide an update, noting the consultations would continue following Budget 2023.
  • In February 2023, the project team published a ‘What We Heard’ report (pdf document 411 KB) outlining key input provided by stakeholders throughout the first round of consultations. This input continues to inform the development of the new model.
  • In May 2023, the department presented a draft funding model to stakeholders. In June and July 2023, the project team consulted one-on-one with all 37 school divisions to gather feedback on the draft model.
  • In August and September 2023, the project team refined the draft model based on feedback from stakeholders.

Next Steps:

  • The department is working with the new government on next steps to provide stable, predictable funding to public school divisions that keeps up with enrolment and student needs.

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