a teacher and graduate shake hands Provincial School Leadership Framework

Develop a provincial school leadership framework informed through Principal Learning Networks, research and stakeholder engagement.

What's New

A ‘What We Heard’ report, (pdf document 285 KB) summarizing feedback on the Provincial School Leadership Framework survey has been published. The responses and input received from parent councils, the Minister’s Student Advisory Council, Indigenous Rights Holders and organizations, and sector partners guided the development and refinement of the skills, knowledge and behaviours of effective school leadership and will inform the creation of a provincial implementation plan for the Framework.

The Commitment

Manitoba’s K to 12 Education Action Plan commits to developing a school leadership framework informed through principal learning networks, research, and stakeholder engagement. The action is responsive to the Commission on K to 12 Education recommendation to reinforce the important role of principals as instructional leaders in improving student learning and achievement.

What This Means for Manitobans

In today’s ever-changing world, effective school leadership is necessary to foster continuous improvement and learning for all members of the school community. This framework will represent the most current thinking and best practices in effective school leadership. It will build a collective vision of school leadership for Manitoba and will identify the evidence-based knowledge, skills, and behaviours necessary to enhance student learning and well-being in an inclusive, safe learning environment.

What We’ve Done

  • The Provincial School Leadership Advisory Team and the Provincial School Leadership Working Team identified a draft set of skills, knowledge, and behaviours of effective school leadership based on current research and sample frameworks from Manitoba school divisions, other provinces and abroad.
  • Developed an introductory document outlining the Provincial School Leadership Framework: Draft Skills, Knowledge, and Behaviours of Effective School Leadership – April 2023 (pdf document 234 KB).
  • From May 1, 2023 to June 7, 2023, the department engaged parent advisory councils, the Student Advisory Council, and the education sector (school and school division leaders, teachers, education partner organizations, and Indigenous Rights Holders) in a survey seeking feedback on the draft skills, knowledge and behaviours of effective school leadership.

Next Steps

  • Finalize the Provincial School Leadership Framework.
  • Create an Implementation Working Group to guide and assist with the planning and facilitation of implementation engagements.
  • Support Principal Learning Networks, a structured forum for current principals and vice-principals to engage in professional dialogue connected to the Provincial School Leadership Framework.

Advisory Bodies: Provincial School Leadership Framework Advisory Team