a teacher and graduate shake hands Excellence in Teaching and Leadership

Ensure teachers, school staff, and leaders have the knowledge, skills, and tools to support student achievement and well-being

These actions respond to the Report of the Commission on K to 12 Education and system learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provincial School Leadership Framework Underway

Action: Develop a provincial school leadership framework informed through principal learning networks, research, and stakeholder engagement.

What's New: Research and sector engagement are underway to inform the development of the Provincial School Leadership Framework. An advisory team and informal working group have been established to inform and guide the development of this framework.

A provincial principal learning network has been established for English and French school principals and vice-principals. The network provides a forum for Manitoba school leaders to engage in professional dialogue, discuss ideas, and share innovative leadership strategies and practices in

  • school planning, implementation, monitoring, and reporting
  • Indigenous education
  • encouraging an inclusive culture
  • student, staff, parent, caregiver, and community engagement
  • curriculum, teaching, learning, and assessment
  • building capacity

More Information: Provincial School Leadership Framework

Workforce Planning Framework Underway

Action: Create a workforce planning framework focused on recruitment and retention of school staff in rural and northern communities and on increasing French, Indigenous, and Indigenous-language educators.

What's New: A jurisdictional scan and analysis, along with the conceptualization and first draft of a French language teacher recruitment and retention strategy document, have been completed. The first engagement activity with French language stakeholders in the education sector took place in June 2022.

More Information: Workforce Planning Framework

Regulatory Body to Guide Teacher Practice and Certification Underway

Action: Consult on options for a regulatory body to guide teacher practice and certification.

What's new: The 2022 Speech from the Throne included a commitment to creating a teacher registry and an independent body to improve accountability and transparency related to educator misconduct in K-12 schools. Consultations with stakeholders are underway to inform the development of the public registry and the independent body to enhance student safety.

Throughout November and December 2022, the department held consultations with students, parents, guardians, advocates, teachers, and school administrators. The department is reviewing the recommendations of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection in their recent report, Child Sexual Abuse and Victimization by K-12 School Personnel in Canada, as well as the models in effect in other Canadian jurisdictions to help inform this work.

Establish Professional Standards Future Actions

Action: Establish professional standards that guide educator development, practice, and evaluation.

Note: Internal development work on this action has begun and is in the early stages of planning. When formal work is launched, updates will be provided.

Professional Learning Needs Future Actions

Action: Assess and plan for professional learning needs, including the exploration of a provincial consortium model.

Achievement of Indigenous Students Future Actions

Action: Ensure that every principal takes concrete actions to improve the achievement of Indigenous students and includes improvements as part of their annual school plans.

Literacy and Numeracy Coaches in Schools Future Actions

Action: Explore options for preparation and deployment of literacy and numeracy coaches in schools.

Certification for Internationally-Educated Teachers Future Actions

Action: Review requirements and processes to streamline certification for internationally educated teachers.