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Pick your program: Private Vocational Institutions

Manitoba's Private Vocational Institutions (PVIs) are privately owned and operated as businesses for profit. PVIs must be registered under Manitoba’s Private Vocational Institutions Actexternal website, unless exempted through this legislation.

PVIs offer occupational training in a wide range of fields. Programs may be taught in the classroom and through hands on training.

As an international student, you should be aware that you can only attend learning institutions or programs designated by Manitoba. This ensures compliance with study permit conditions and protects you under the International Education Act.

For more information on the International Education Act, visit our International Education Act webpage. The following PVIs have been designated by Manitoba to accept international students for specific programs:

Aveda Institute Winnipegexternal website

  • Hairstyling

M.C. Collegeexternal website

Mid-Ocean School of Media Artsexternal website

Patal International Collegeexternal website

For a list of Manitoba’s Designated Learning Institutions, visit Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship Designated Learning Institutions List webpageexternal website.

Please note that international students enrolled in PVIs may be eligible to work off-campusexternal website or as co-op student or internexternal website. However, PVI students are not eligible to work on-campusexternal website. Graduates of PVI programs are not eligible to apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permitexternal website.

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