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Manitoba has a world-renowned legacy for flight training stemming from the operation of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) during World War II. CAPT, which trained aircrew personnel from Canada, England, New Zealand, and Australia, was one of Canada’s largest contributions to the war effort.

Manitoba was chosen as a key training location due to our favourable climate and topography.

Our clear open skies and flat landscape make Manitoba one of the most desirable places to learn to fly. Our weather allows you to practice in a variety of conditions including rainy springs, warm summers, and cold winters.

Flight schools in Manitoba can offer you the chance to achieve your dream of becoming a licensed private or commercial pilot. Manitoba’s flight schools offer in-class and hands-on learning opportunities, creating the perfect environment for your dreams to take flight.

As an international student, you should be aware that you can only attend flight schools or programs designated by Manitoba. This ensures compliance with your study permit conditions and protects you under the International Education Act.

For more information on the International Education Act, visit our International Education Act webpage.

The following flight schools have been designated by Manitoba to accept international students:

For a complete list of Manitoba’s Designated Learning Institutions, visit Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship Designated Learning Institutions List webpageexternal website.

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