Bursary for Students at the Université de Saint-Boniface (USB)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the bursary?

The bursary is worth $500 for studies from September to April.

How do I qualify for the bursary?

To qualify, you must:

  • be enrolled in a minimum of 4 university courses (12 credits) for at least one semester between September and April (3 out of the 4 courses must be offered in French at the CUSB);
  • maintain a course load of at least 70% or more for at least one semester at the École technique et professionnelle;

You must also:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • be a Manitoba “resident”, that is having lived in Manitoba for 12 consecutive months for reasons other than a study program.
I have less than the required number of credits for 1 of the 2 semesters, can I still receive the full bursary?

If your course load for 1 of the 2 sessions is equivalent to 12 credits (9 of which are for courses offered in French), you are eligible for part of the bursury. In the month of March, if it is determined by the Provincial Coordinator that you have completed a minimum of 24 credit-hours for the year (18 of which are taught in French), you will receive the full amount of the bursary ($500).

I am enrolled for one semester only. Do I still qualify for a bursary?

Yes. You will receive part of the bursary amount conditionally to meeting all eligibility criteria: $250 per semester of study.

How is the bursary paid?

The bursary is paid in one instalment at the end of March.

I have received this bursary in the past. Can I apply again?

Yes. You must submit a new application for every year of study.

Can I fax or e-mail my application?

No. Faxed or e-mailed applications are not accepted.

What is the deadline to apply for this bursary?

For 2022-2023 school year, the application deadline is October 31, 2022.

Do you accept application forms after the deadlines?

Yes. However, late applications are considered only if funds are available at the time applications are received.

When am I informed of the status of my application?

Verification of course loads and completed credit-hours will be finalized in March. If you have completed the required course load, you will receive your bursary cheque, by mail, at the beginning of april.