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GED Testing in Manitoba

GED certificates are recognized by most employers and some community colleges and universities. They may be accepted for employment, apprenticeship admission, and other training programs. Following are some frequently asked questions and their answers regarding GED Testing in Manitoba.

Test Content

The GED consists of a battery of five tests designed to measure the intellectual and learning skills a candidate may have acquired since leaving school. It is generally recognized that many adults who did not complete a formal high school education may have acquired an educational maturity equivalent to that of a high school graduate through years of varied experience. The GED, through a series of five comprehensive tests, is designed to help determine that equivalency.

The five tests are:

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts Reading
  • Language Arts Writing

What do the GED Tests Measure?

There are five sub-tests in the GED Tests which measure achievement in subject areas associated with a high school program of study. The five tests, and their relative content emphasis are:

  • SOCIAL STUDIES: National History (25%); Economics (20%); Civics and Government (25%); World History (15%); Geography (15%).
  • SCIENCE: Life Sciences (45%); Earth and Space (20%); Physics and Chemistry (35%).
  • MATHEMATICS: Part 1 and 2: Numbers, Number Sense and Operations (25%); Measurement and Geometry (25%); Data, Statistics, and Probability (25%); Algebra, Functions, and Patterns (25%).
  • LANGUAGE ARTS - READING: Literary Test (75%); Nonfiction Prose (25%)
  • LANGUAGE ARTS - WRITING: Part 1: Sentence Structure (30%); Usage (30%); Mechanics (25%); Part 2: Essay

Eligibility Requirements

Adult Learning and Literacy may issue a high school equivalency certificate to Manitoba residents who have not completed high school, and who have been successful on the GED Tests, provided they meet the following eligibility requirements

  • Candidates must be at least nineteen (19) years of age
  • Exceptions may be allowed to the above policy by contacting the GED Administrator

Application Procedures

Application and Payment can be completed through the Online Test Application and Payment Form.

  • The application form should be completed carefully ensuring that all information requested is included. Your Social Insurance Number is used for identification purposes only.
  • Payment must accompany the application and must be made online using a Visa, Mastercard or Visa debit.
  • Applications close three (3) weeks before the scheduled testing periods. Applications received after the closing date or if the testing choice is no longer available, will automatically be registered in the next available sitting.

There is no refund for persons who have not written the tests as scheduled. Applicants must resubmit their applications for the next test sitting with the required fee.

Reporting of Marks

Approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks after completion of the tests, all candidates will receive an official report on each of the five tests written. Candidates who receive a minimum standard score of 450 on each of the five tests will receive a certificate.

Standard Scores & Percentile Ranks

The GED is a comparative test. It demonstrates how well the examinee has done compared to recent high school graduates. Test results are reported as “standard scores” ranging from a low of 200 to a high of 800 and as “percentile ranks” ranging from 1 to 99. A passing Standard Score for the GED in Manitoba is 450. Candidates must attain a score of 450 or better on each of the five tests to be eligible to receive their high school equivalency.

Note: Only high school equivalency is issued.

Standard Scores are calculated by a mathematical formula to compare GED test results to those attained by recent high school graduates on similar tests. Standard Scores above 500 are typical of recent high school graduates.

The percentile rank shows the percentage of graduating high school seniors who earned a certain standard score. For example, a GED examinee whose standard score on one of the tests has a percentile rank of 55 has done as well as, or better than, 55% of the high school graduates in that subject.


Candidates who fail to secure a high school equivalency standing may rewrite the tests which they have failed within the GED testing year (January to December). Candidates who are unsuccessful on this second attempt must wait until the following GED testing year.

An application form and an additional fee is required to cover the cost of rewriting any or all of the tests.

Duplicate Transcripts

Additional transcripts of GED scores are available at a cost by contacting the GED Testing Office. Duplicate Transcript Application Form

Additional Information

Persons wishing additional information regarding the administration of GED testing in Manitoba may contact the GED Testing Office.

Testing Dates and Centres

GED tests are written in centres across the province. For more information on locations and test dates, please contact the GED Testing Office.

Testing may be arranged at other sites through special arrangements with the GED Testing Office for individuals with physical, emotional, or learning disabilities only.

Note: The GED tests are available in Braille, audiocassette, and large print.

Identification at Testing Centres

All GED candidates requesting to take the GED Tests must provide valid identification when they appear at the test centre. Acceptable forms of identification include government-issued identification that includes date of birth, photograph, address and signature. Examples of acceptable identification include drivers’ licenses, passports, firearms licenses, liquor commission identification and military and other government-identification cards.


Study material for GED test preparation is available from larger book stores.

Preparatory classes for GED are available through school divisions, colleges and other adult programs.


Applicants wishing to reschedule their test session must contact the GED Testing Office at least ten (10) days before the testing date to reschedule. If the applicant does not, then the applicant will have to re-register and pay a new application fee. Applicants must reschedule to write the tests within six months of the initial test date.

An applicant’s request for rescheduling due to circumstances that cannot be forecasted in advance, like medical or bereavement reasons, may be reviewed after the stated deadline.  For requests such as these, the applicant will be required to provide appropriate documentation to support their rationale.

Manitoba GED Testing Office

For further information, contact:

Manitoba GED Testing Office
215-800 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0N4
Phone: 204-945-8247
Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069 ext 8247