Private Vocational Institutions

Registering a Private Vocational Institution

Private vocational institutions offer employment training in a wide range of occupations. Institutions must be registered if they meet conditions set out in The Private Vocational Institutions Act. The conditions include:

  • Occupations listed in the National Occupational Classification Index of Titles
  • Programs of instruction that exceed 40 hours and exceed the total cost of $400.

Programs may be taught by theory or practice, in classrooms, on-site, through work experience, by correspondence, or by any combination of these delivery methods. Students receive a certificate or diploma upon successful completion of the program of instruction.

Steps to Register a Private Vocational Institution

  • To register a private vocational institution you should contact the Registrar of Private Vocational Institutions. The Registrar will request a letter or email from you regarding the nature of the institution and a brief outline as to the program(s), cost(s), and duration(s) to be offered.
  • If registration is required, the Registrar will respond with a package of information advising you of the process and the forms to be completed.
  • To begin the process you will need to submit to the Registrar an application for registration (Form1) and program outline(s) (Form 3) which are included in the registration package, along with the applicable fees.
  • Once you return this information it will be reviewed by the Registrar. The Industry Relations Committee will subsequently review the program outline(s) and will meet with you to determine whether the program(s) addresses the expectations of employers within the industry.
  • While the program outline(s) is being scheduled for review by the Industry Relations Committee, you can continue to prepare and submit the required forms and statements.
  • The Registrar will review the forms as they are received to ensure that they are completed correctly. (An institution cannot be approved if all material is not submitted or is incomplete.)
  • As soon as the program outline(s) and the administrative requirements have been met, the Registrar will issue the institution’s Certificate of Registration. An institution cannot advertise or enrol students until it is approved and the Certificate of Registration has been issued.
  • If the institution is not approved, Private Vocational Institutions will work with you to help you meet the requirements.

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Registration Timelines

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. It may take three to six months to register a new institution and its programs depending on the completeness and accuracy of the documents submitted. You can avoid delays by ensuring your application is complete before submitting it. Be sure to enclose your registration and assessment fees with your application.

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Registration Fees

Registration and assessment fees are collected under The Private Vocational Institutions Act and Manitoba Regulation 237/02, M.R. 101/2008, as follows:

Registration fees:

  • $275 – institution plus one program of instruction
  • $150 – additional program of instruction

Assessment fees:

  • $275 – each new program of instruction
  • $100 – each amended program of instruction

You can provide your fees as a bank draft, cheque, or money order made payable to the Minister of Finance.

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Registration Renewal

Registration under The Private Vocational Institutions Act expires on December 31st each year. You must renew each year prior to November 1st to ensure there is no lapse in registration.

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Eligibility for Canada and Manitoba Student Loans

Many programs offered through private vocational institutions are eligible for Canada Student Loan and Manitoba Student Loan designation. However, Manitoba Student Aid has its own legislation and, therefore, it may be beneficial to contact the Designation Office to ensure the programs being offered are eligible for student loan designation. A private vocational institution must offer its programs for a minimum of twelve continuous months before it is eligible to be reviewed for designation.

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To talk with someone about institution and program registration under The Private Vocational Institutions Act please call:

Registration and Accountability Office

Manitoba Education and Training
4th Floor, 1181Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3G 0T3
Phone 204-945-8507

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List of Registered Private Vocational Institutions

The Registration and Accountability Office maintains a list of private vocational institutions currently registered in Manitoba.

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