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Making Education Work

Community Involvement

Participating Communities

All project sites required an Aboriginal local community partner with a heavy emphasis on community needs in order to participate in this research project. Each site also had to establish a Local Area Group to oversee the project.

Project sites (school/community partnerships) consist of three First Nation schools and three provincial schools.  They are:

  • Peguis Central School with their local Peguis School Board Education Authority;
  • Otter Nelson River School with their local Cross Lake Education Authority;
  • Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Center with their local Norway House Education Authority & Frontier School Division;
  • School District of Mystery Lake (R.D. Parker Collegiate) along with Keewatin Tribal Council;
  • Swan Valley School Division (Swan Valley  Regional Secondary School) along with Swan Valley Friendship Center and;
  • Lord Selkirk School Division (Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive High School) along with Selkirk Friendship Center.

Map of Community Involvement (Adobe Icon 639 KB)

Local Advisory Groups in each Community

This group oversees the project at the local level; making recommendations and providing advice.  The members are volunteers made up of school administration – superintendents or assistant superintendents, high school principals, vice principals, school board trustees, school division/education authority personnel, Advisory Committee members, First Nation/Aboriginal members, MEW teacher, program parents, Elders and program Youth. Each site has determined their own membership for the LAG.  The MEW teacher is the coordinator and facilitator of this group and provides all feedback to the provincial MEW office and MEW Management Team.

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