Not in my School! Bullying Awareness Video Challenge 2007-2008
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The more competitive the setting is, the more likely bullying will occur.

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NOT In My School!

Bullying Awareness

Video Activities

Getting Started

Step 1: Learn about

  • safe and caring schools
  • bullying
  • positive solutions

Step 2: Learn about

  • NOT in my School! Video Creation
  • view NOT in my School! videos

Step 3: Decide who will get involved

  • small or large groups
  • single classroom or multiple classrooms
  • multi-age, multi-grade
  • whole school

Step 4: Learn about

  • the importance of privacy, original material, and permission
  • making videos

Step 5: Collect all completed and signed parent/guardian consent forms

  • each student working on or seen in the video must have parent/guardian consent
  • forms must be filed and kept at the school to confirm consent


REMEMBER: We all win when we work together for safe and caring schools.


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