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Affiliation Application and Process

Becoming a Manitoba Affiliated School Overseas

The document Joint Statement of Benefits in Offering the Manitoba Curriculum provides an overview of the three main principles upon which Manitoba grants permission to use its curriculum overseas. It includes a number of benefits, both direct and indirect, for Manitoba and for partner schools and their students.

Manitoba currently considers affiliations based upon two program models:

  • The International Program model uses Manitoba curriculum exclusively for all courses, and all courses are delivered in English or French (except additional language and/or cultural courses) under the instruction of a Manitoba certified teacher.
  • The Blended Program model allows for the delivery of Manitoba curriculum in combination with local curriculum. The Manitoba curriculum is delivered in English or French under the instruction of a Manitoba certified teacher. Any non-Manitoba curriculum is subject to a review and approval by Manitoba.

Manitoba conducts a detailed review and inspection of affiliated schools prior to affiliation, twice in the first year of affiliation, and on an annual basis thereafter. In addition to liaising with schools on various administrative matters, Manitoba also provides support through the provision of professional development sessions to ensure success and integrity of the programming offered both with respect to what is taught and how it is taught. The full cost of review, inspections and administrative support is paid by the affiliated school.

Schools interested in establishing affiliation with the Province of Manitoba are encouraged to submit a formal proposal. The proposal and program requirements for affiliation are outlined in the document Manitoba Affiliated Schools Overseas: Affiliation Proposal Process – Application Guidelines.

All applications will be invoiced for a non-refundable CAN $3,000 processing fee. Final accreditation as a Manitoba affiliated school overseas is contingent upon approvals from both the Executive Council of the Government of Manitoba and the relevant governmental authority in the foreign jurisdiction.

Manitoba reserves the right to decline new school affiliation proposals.

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