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Measuring value

Counsellor and student

Perhaps most importantly, FTD is subject to rigorous evaluation that will deliver valuable qualitative and quantitative data on the project’s overall effectiveness.

“FTD’s groundbreaking evaluation component will provide us with the best evidence ever gathered on the impact of career development in Canada,” said Yves Pelletier, Manager of Pilot Projects for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation.

To enable evaluation, FTD’s randomly selected participants are divided into two cohorts: students who participate in interventions, and those in a comparison group. The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation has been mandated with the evaluation of this pilot project.

Ann Barbour-Stevenson, an FTD facilitator with 15 years of experience as a guidance counsellor and teacher, believes the pilot project’s evaluation presents exciting prospects for future improvement.

“As a career-development counsellor, you’re never sure whether your work is really making a difference,” said Barbour-Stevenson. “However, I think this evaluation will provide important validation for FTD’s new and innovative approach.”