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Appendix G

Field Trip Parent Permission Form

Determine the policy of your school division/district for permission slips and requirements that students have additional medical insurance for such a trip.


  • Date of permission
  • Name and address of school
  • Name of student
  • Acknowledge receipt of information
  • Destination of trip
  • Date(s) of trip
  • Permission statement
  • Name of teacher
  • Signatures
  • Phone numbers
  • Medical information form

The following page has a form that may be used for special and out-of-country field trips. It is a good idea to use a form such as this instead of relying on school records which may be out of date.

Routine field trips will require a simpler medical form (check with your school administration for policies).

_______________, 19____

The Principal
__________________ School
Somewhere MB
R0A 0B0

Re: ___(Name of Student) ___

We (I), the undersigned parent(s) or guardian(s) acknowledge receipt of your information letter of ___(Date)___ containing details of the proposed field trip to ___ (Place) ___ on ___(Dates)___ .

We(I) hereby grant permission for our(my) son/daughter to participate in this field trip and look forward to receiving further information about the trip.

We(I) understand this activity will be supervised by

___(Sponsor Teacher) ___.



Both parents should sign if possible.

Work phone____________________

Work phone____________________

Home phone___________________


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