Early Childhood Development Initiative


The Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI) is provided to assist school divisions in their efforts to provide intersectoral services for pre-school children (birth to 5 years of age) to increase readiness for school entry. ECDI is designed to support school divisions in responding to their local needs and priorities and to provide, in partnership with parents, the community, and Healthy Child Manitoba, programs that facilitate readiness to learn prior to school entry. The ECDI may not be used to fund the operation of child care programs.

As of the 2014-2015 school year, ECDI funding may be used to support nursery and kindergarten programming, based on local circumstances and with Deputy Minister approval.

Funding Formula: Funding of Schools 2017-2018 School Year

Reporting Process

Information regarding the revised reporting process for ECDI is available on the School and School Division Planning website.

Note: The School and School Division Planning website references the following regarding ECDI and completion of the New grant template:

Additional Note: The 1/3 of divisions scheduled to report on 2014/15 plans must complete Parts A and B. The remaining 2/3 of divisions must provide only financial reporting for 2014/2015 on Part A, and planning for 2015/2016 on Part B.

School divisions required to fully complete Part A of the New grant template page specific to ECDI (referencing results related to Expected Outcomes, Strategies, Data Sources and Indicators, and Financial Reporting) are listed below:

Report on results for 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15

  • Beautiful Plains
  • Border Land
  • Brandon
  • Frontier
  • Interlake
  • Portage la Prairie
  • Southwest Horizon
  • St. James-Assiniboia
  • Turtle River
  • Western
  • Whiteshell
  • Winnipeg

Sample Completed Early Childhood Development Initiative (ECDI) Template (Excel Document 279 KB)

General Information

The following is a list of some examples of initiatives currently being implemented with ECDI support.

  • Literacy-focused (i.e. Mother Goose, Rock and Read, Literacy Links)
  • Parent/Child programs supporting healthy child development
  • Resource package for parents of pre-school children
  • Local capacity building to address pre-school needs
  • Pre-school screening
  • Staff: to co-ordinate pre-school programs or implement new programs


For additional ECDI information please contact Marilyn Robinson at 204-945-6875 or toll free at 1-800-282-8069, ext. 6875.