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Course Fees

Applications received after September 1, 2017 will be subject to 2017-2018 fees. All course fees are tax exempt.

Course Fees
Senior Years
(Students have 12 months from date of registration to complete a course)
September 1, 2017
PDF of ISO fees for 2017-2018
2017-2018 Fees (Adobe Icon 96 KB)
1/2 Credit Course $160
1 Credit Course $200
1/2 Credit Course Non-Resident $250
1 Credit Course Non-Resident $500
Replacement Materials $84.00
  • Includes GST
  • Includes printed course materials
Course Transfers $84.00
  • Includes GST
  • Includes printed course materials
Extensions $73.50
  • Includes GST
ISO Shipping Fee (Per Order) $10.50
  • includes GST

Course Fees Policy

6 month extension policy

  • A student who is unable to complete the course within one year may apply for an extension only once.
  • A student who fails to achieve a passing grade of 50% or more may apply for an extension only once.
  • A course extension, for a fee, is available for 30 calendar days past the expiry date.
  • A course extension provides an additional 6 months to complete the course.
  • Once processed, the course extension will be in effect the day following the course expiry date. This ensures no interruption in services.
  • Students will retain all marks earned to date.
  • Course extensions do not include a new copy of the course material. If replacement materials or exam rewrite are required a fee will be applicable.
Extension Fees
Extension Fees September 1, 2017
1/2 Credit Course Extension $73.50 (GST included)
1 Credit Course Extension $73.50 (GST included)

2nd registration in the same course

  • Students that have exceeded their allowable registration and extension option must register again.
  • The student will be registered in the current version of the course.
  • The registration date will be the date that the course is processed. Students have 12 months from the date of registration to complete the course.
  • Registration will include course materials. Two attempts at each assignment will be allowed, and one attempt at each exam will be allowed. Exam re-write fees will be charged if applicable.
  • Students will not retain marks from the initial registration. All assessment pieces must be completed and submitted as originals.
  • Students are not allowed to submit assignments already marked by ISO Tutor/Markers but may use previous submitted work as a reference when they submit assignments for their second registration.
  • For registrations in courses with multiple sections, students may or may not be assigned to the same Tutor/Marker that they had during the initial registration.

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Refund Policy
  • The refund policy is in effect once a registration has been processed and course materials/resources are shipped.
  • Course refunds must be applied for during the first 30 calendar days of the student’s registration.
  • Refunds will not be issued for course Reference Materials and audio/videos.
  • A $50 administration fee is deducted per registration (print or pdf)

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Course Fee Exemptions - Supporting Students with Medical Challenges

Supporting Students with Medical Challenges Brochure (PDF Document 48 KB)

In Manitoba, school divisions have an obligation to provide each resident and enrolled student with educational programming. The obligation can be further defined as access to Appropriate Educational Programming for all students within their schools.

If the school/school division determines that the alternative programming is to work at home with Distance Learning courses, the cost of the Distance Learning courses shall be borne by the school/school division. This includes programming that may occur off-site (i.e. home-based, alternative programs, community settings). Schools/school divisions may choose to enroll the students in the ISO course and have the Distance Learning Unit provide the marking and tutoring services or they may choose to purchase ISO course materials as reference material and have their own school/school division staff provide assessment and teaching services. 

The Homeschooling Office may approve the homeschooling of a child when attendance in a school would be detrimental to their health and the school division is unable to provide support (i.e. terminal illness or immune deficiencies). Parents/guardians are to complete the appropriate Student Notification Form and submit the supporting documentation to the Homeschooling Office. When approved, Manitoba Education and Training will directly cover the costs of Distance Learning course materials and the initial ISO Registration fee.  

  • Grades 9-12 FAQ about Independent Study Option (PDF Document 49 KB)
  • Students who qualify for a course fee exemption may enroll in up to two courses at a time.
  • Students have 12 months from the date of registration to complete a course.
  • Students can attempt each course one time. Any subsequent re-registration will be subject to regular fees.
  • Textbooks are not covered under this exemption.
  • Miscellaneous services are not covered under this exemption.

Students under the age of 21 who live in an institution (residential/rehabilitation treatment centre) and have not graduated from high school are not required to pay course fees. A letter from the residential treatment facility must accompany the ISO Residing in a Rehabilitation/Treatment Centre Form. The letter from the centre director is to be provided on the rehabilitation/treatment centre letterhead.

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Miscellaneous Costs

All requests for miscellaneous services by students who are attending school should be directed through the ISO facilitator at the student's school. These items are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Miscellaneous Costs
Service September 1, 2017
Replacement Material $84.00 (GST included)
Examination Rewrite $52.50 (GST included)
Course Transfer $84.00 (GST included)
Reference Courses $84.00 (GST included)
Exam Rescheduling $52.50 (GST included)
ISO Shipping Fee (Per Order) $10.50 (GST included)

Replacement Material
All students have electronic access to the PDF course materials via Blackboard Learn for additional copies of pages. The replacement material fee will be charged if a print copy is requested after the PDF Blackboard registration is processed.

Examination Rewrite
A minimum of 40 percent is required on all exams/progress tests. An examination rewrite must take place within the active course registration time period. The fee must be paid for prior to an examination rewrite.

Course Transfer
Students may transfer from one course to another of equal or lesser credit value within 30 calendar days of registering. Only one course transfer will be permitted per initial registration. To transfer to a subject of a higher credit value, a student will have to pay the difference and course transfer fee. Courses are not transferable between students.

Exam Rescheduling
A non-attending student who is scheduled to write an examination at the Dublin Avenue location, will only be permitted to re-schedule it for medical, bereavement or weather related reasons. Other reasons will only be considered if the student contacts the DLU prior to the scheduled examination sitting. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a rescheduling fee.

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School/Division Reimbursement

Some schools and school divisions have issued either full or partial course refunds to their students upon successful completion of an ISO course. This is not a Distance Learning Unit policy. Therefore, contact your school or school division office if you believe that you are entitled to such a refund.

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Income Tax Receipts

Independent Study Option course fees are not tax deductible. Tax receipts will not be issued.

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