Social Studies

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Social Studies: A Foundation for Implementation

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Websites for All Kindergarten Clusters
Cluster 1: Me

Cluster 2: The People Around Me

Cluster 3: The World Around Me

Grade 1

Cluster 1: I Belong
Cluster 2: My Environment

Cluster 3: Connecting with Others

Grade 2

Cluster 1: Our Local Community
Cluster 2: Communities in Canada

Cluster 3: The Canadian Community

Grade 3

Cluster 1: Connecting With Canadians
Cluster 2: Exploring the World

Cluster 3: Communities of the World

Cluster 4: Exploring an Ancient Society

Grade 4

Cluster 1: Geography of Canada
Cluster 2: Living in Canada

Cluster 3: Living in Manitoba

Cluster 4: History of Manitoba

Cluster 5: Canada's North

Grade 5

Cluster 1: First Peoples
Cluster 2: Early European Colonization (1600 to 1763)

Cluster 3: Fur Trade

Cluster 4: From British Colony to Confederation (1763 to 1867)

Grade 6

Cluster 1: Building a Nation
Cluster 2: An Emerging Nation

Cluster 3: Shaping Contemporary Canada

Cluster 4: Canada Today

Grade 7

Cluster 1: People and Places in the World
Cluster 2: Global Quality of Life

Cluster 3: Ways of Life in Asia, Aftrica, or Australasia

Cluster 4: Human Impact in Europe or the Americas

Grade 8

Cluster 1: Understanding Societies Past and Present
Cluster 2: Early Societies of Mesopotamia, Egypt, or the Indus Valley
Cluster 3: Ancient Societies of Greece and Rome
Cluster 4: Transition to the Modern World (Circa 500 to 1400)

Cluster 5: Shaping the Modern World (Circa 1400 to 1850)

Grade 9

Cluster 1: Diversity and Pluralism in Canada
Cluster 2: Democracy and Governance in Canada
Cluster 3: Canada in the Global Context

Cluster 4: Canada: Opportunities and Challenges

Grade 10

Cluster 1: Geographic Literacy
Cluster 2: Natural Resources
Cluster 3: Food From the Land

Cluster 4: Industry and Trade
Cluster 5: Urban Places