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English Language Arts


What's New!

  • Celebrating Reading in Manitoba Schools February 2017
    Ian Wishart, Minister of Education and Training for the Province of Manitoba, has proclaimed the month of February 2017 as I Love to Read Month.
    (Adobe PDF Document 67 KB)
  • Listening and Speaking: First Steps into Literacy: A Support Document for Kindergarten Teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists
    The purpose of this document is to help Kindergarten teachers and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) enhance the oral language of all Kindergarten children within the playful literacy learning work and talk of the Kindergarten classroom.
  • Tutorial: How to use the ELA Foundation for Implementation
    This tutorial is designed to help educators make meaning of the English Language Arts: Foundation for Implementation, 1998 document (FFI). Learning to use this document for planning is an effective and efficient means to quality learning, teaching and assessing learning and teaching.
  • Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1)
    This developmental continuum is a curriculum-based, formative (assessment for learning) tool for use by educators and students.
  • Reading and Writing in Action
    This teacher support document and resource for instruction and classroom-based assessment consists of two vignettes that are windows into two different Grade 8 classroom learning communities. The learning/teaching contexts and strategies referenced in the vignettes are included at the end of this document to assist teachers in planning for the specific next steps in the students’ learning journeys.
  • Quality Literature List
    Presents annotated bibliographies of literature titles that have been successfully used by many classroom teachers and teacher-librarians organized using the developmental stages of the current Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1) and stages beyond this first phase. These titles are not reviewed or endorsed by the Department and do not carry a Manitoba recommended designation.
  • Me Read? No Way! A practical guide to improving boys' literacy skills
    This guide for teachers is to support student success in literacy. Based on an international review of effective practices, this guide is intended to stimulate discussion of this important issue among educators.

Curriculum Overview

  • Status
  • Choices at Grade 11 and Grade 12
  • Post-Secondary Acceptance of New Senior Years English Language Arts/English Language Arts Immersion/Anglais Curricula

Curriculum Documents

Other Resources

Post-Secondary Acceptance of English Language Arts Curricula (Updated November 2009)

Helping Your Child Learn to Read: A Parent's Guide
This parent guide presents information about the reading process and describes strategies to assist parents in reading aloud and shared reading at home.


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