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Developmental Reading Continuum (Phase 1)

Manitoba Education is committed to working with parents, teachers and school divisions to develop and implement student assessments that are linked to learning and teaching. Following extensive consultation with teachers, parents and others, revisions have been made to the Grade 3 assessment and Grade 4 French Immersion Lecture assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to provide meaningful information regarding students' skills at the beginning of the school year in reading and numeracy. The changes primarily (a) reduce the number of competencies to be assessed for each student, and (b) reinforce the role of teachers' judgements and ongoing class work, noting that it is not necessary to conduct a formal assessment process for every student on every skill. Reporting forms have been changed to be more meaningful to parents.

Assessment and Evaluation documents are posted regularly.

Skills, Strategies, and Tools for Instruction and Assessment

Skills, strategies, and tools for instruction and assessment are offered in Appendix E of each of the Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes and Standards documents. Click on the desired grade below to read these appendices:

Kindergarten to Grade 4

Grade 5 to Grade 9


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