Government of Manitoba
"Kasserian Ingera"
Traditional Masai greeting meaning
"And how are the children"

An Action Plan for Science Education in Manitoba

Early Childhood Matters (DVD)

Early Childhood Matters (DVD)This DVD is designed to suggest ways that communities can support young children during their first critical years of life. The community leaders featured speak to the significance of the early childhood experiences in shaping the kind of adults our children will become. It suggests that if Manitoba is to have healthy, literate, responsible and resilient citizens, then it's in all our best interests to pay attention, and make sure that our children receive the kind of safe, nurturing and stimulating childhoods they need and deserve.

Featured on this DVD:

Fred PennerAuthor, Musician and Children's Entertainer
Justice Murray SinclairAssociate Chief Judge of the Provincial Court
Dr. Margaret Fastformer Medical Health Officer, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Wayne Helgason former Executive Director, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
Fiona Webster Mourant President at Manrex Corporation

It was produced with support and assistance from River East Transcona School Division, Healthy Child Manitoba, Provincial Early Childhood Advisory Committee, River East Parent Child Centred Coalition and Transcona Parent Child Centred Coalition.

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