Assessment and Evaluation

Grade 12 Provincial Tests

Policies and Procedures for Provincial Tests
This document outlines the current policies and procedures related to the administration of the provincial tests at Grade 12.

Provincial tests will be administered system-wide each semester in the following Grade 12 subjects:

  • English Language Arts
  • Français langue première 40S : Langue et communication
  • Français langue seconde — immersion 40S : Langue et communication
  • Applied Mathematics/Mathématiques appliquées
  • Essential Mathematics/Mathématiques du quotidiens
  • Pre-Calculus Mathematics/Mathématiques pré-calcul

Student Registration

Provincial Test Student Registration

Available:  Sept. 26 to Oct. 14, 2016
Feb. 21  to Mar. 10, 2017

Student registration is done each semester using the Provincial Test Student Registration (PTSR) web application which is available for a three-week period at the beginning of each semester. Schools wanting to register students using the file upload function may need to enter the pertinent Reference Codes (Adobe Icon 76 KB) in their student information system in order to create XML files.

Assessment and Test Schedule