Education and Training

Mandate, Mission, Vision, Overarching Goals and Priority Action Areas

The following is intended to provide trustees, school and school division staff, parents, students and the general public with overview information concerning the mandate, mission, vision, overarching goals and priority action areas of Manitoba Education.

The mandate outlines the Department’s official and fundamental responsibility. The mission states what will be accomplished by the mandate. The vision states what is hoped will be the outcome of accomplishing the mission. The overarching goals outline the broad and longer term goals that support the mission and vision. The priority action areas are intended to support the overarching goals.


To provide direction and allocate resources in support of youth programming and kindergarten to grade 12 education in public and funded independent schools.


To ensure that all Manitoba’s children and youth have access to an array of educational opportunities such that every learner experiences success through relevant, engaging and high quality education that prepares them for lifelong learning and citizenship in a democratic, socially just and sustainable society.


That every learner will complete a high school education with a profound sense of accomplishment, hope and optimism.

Overarching Goals

  1. To ensure education in Manitoba supports students experiencing and learning about what it means to live in a sustainable manner.
  2. To ensure that education practice and policy in Manitoba is guided by the principle of inclusion.
  3. To significantly increase achievement levels of those students who have been historically less successful.
  4. To continue to increase the overall provincial graduation rate.

Priority Action Areas

  1. Numeracy and Literacy
  2. Education for Sustainable Development
  3. Education in Low-income Communities
  4. Aboriginal Education
  5. Education in Rural Manitoba
  6. Education in Northern Communities


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