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Community Schools Partnership Initiative


The publications and websites below provide background information on Community Schools to help with the overall school planning process.


Brochure: Supporting Families, Strengthening Communities, Helping Students Succeed
The Community Schools Partnership Initiative (CSPI) Brochure provides a brief overview of the overall community schools concept — along with CSPI’s potential benefits and examples of recent success at its school sites. The brochure also mentions some of CSPI’s promotional activities.
French Version Initiative de partenariat entre les écoles et les collectivités: soutenir les familles, renforcer les collectivités, aider les élèves à réussir

A Support Document for Partners in the Community Schools Partnership Initiative
This document is both an introduction to the community school concept and a guide for people who take up the challenge of creating a Community School Plan.
French Version Écoles communautaires : Document d'appui à l'intention des partenaires de l'initiative de partenariat entre les écoles et les collectivités (IPEC)

Departmental Publications

Helping Your Child Succeed in School: A Guide for Parents and Families of Aboriginal Students
A document that provides a valuable reference for community schools. Published in 2006 by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth;  ISBN # 0 – 7711 – 3467 – 3

School Partnerships: A Guide for Parents, Schools and Communities
A document that can help school advisory groups and committees in their partnership roles of supporting student success. Published in 2005 by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth; ISBN # 0 – 7711 – 3426 – 6

Supporting Inclusive Schools: School based Planning and Reporting -- A Framework for Developing and Implementing Annual School Plans and Reports
A document that provides a framework for educators when working with planning teams, creating school plans, and reporting to the Department, division / district, and community, published in 2004 by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth; ISBN # 0 – 7711 – 3164 – X

Working Together: A Guide to Positive Problem Solving for Schools, Families and Communities
A document that provides school stakeholders methods for co-operative, creative problem-solving. Published in 2004 by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth; ISBN # 0 – 7711 – 3166 – 6


Building Communities of Hope (Adobe PDF Document 1.40 MB)
A document that outlines Saskatchewan Education’s policy, vision, goals, principles, strategies and “best practices” for Community Schools.  

Coalition for Community Schools
A U.S. – based website that shares information about successful community school policies, programs and practices - intended to build broader public understanding and support for community schools.

The Community Development Handbook:  A Tool to Build Community Capacity (Adobe PDF Document 199 KB)
This handbook was created by the Employment Programs Learning and Development Unit at Human Resources Development Canada to support the understanding and effective application of community development.  As an introductory handbook, it is designed primarily for those who have an interest in community development but who may not have an in-depth understanding of the concept, the process or the resources available across Canada.  For those already possessing knowledge about the topic and/or experience in the field, this handbook provides a resource for exploring and initiating community development and reviewing the basics of the community development process.

Healthy Child Manitoba
A program that works with families to support their children within strong communities.

Lighthouses is a fund designed to help support recreational, educational and pro-social programs after hours for young Manitobans.  Lighthouses use schools, recreation centres and other existing community facilities after hours for sports, arts, music and other activities organized by local youth and community members.

The Partnership Handbook (Adobe PDF Document 184 KB)
This handbook was created by the Labour Market Learning and Development Unit at Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC).  It is designed to support the most current understanding and development of partnerships.  It recognizes that partnerships are an important vehicle for building community capacity and undertaking community development activities.

The Manitoba Child Care Program
The Manitoba Child Care Program oversees the operation of child care in the province and is committed to accessible, high-quality child care for children from 12 weeks to 12 years of age and offers a number of valuable services.

Manitoba Healthy Living
A site that helps Manitobans improve their health—reducing their risk of illness and injury.

Neighbourhoods Alive!
A Manitoba program that supports community improvement in designated neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson.

Safer Communities
Manitoba Justice is committed to help Manitobans feel safe in their homes, at work and in their neighbourhoods.  Several weblinks to publications and other helpful information are available.

This organization’s website provides proven strategies that have helped Canadian communities identify and develop solutions to local issues.

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